Hospital Management Information System

  • Lab Equipment
  • Imaging Equipment
  • Pacs
  • Financial Accounting and ERP Systems
  • Other Specialty Healthcare
  • Bar Code scanners
  • Digital Signature capturing systems
Lab Equipment

Q-Afya supports interface of both bi-directional and uni-directional lab equipments for automatic upload of lab results into the test results in Q-Afya HMS. Q-Afya HMS generates bar codes for samples for usage in this machines. We have many clients who have used this feature that reduces human errors in manual entry of results. Over 30 different types of lab equipment have interfaced with Q-Afya HMS.

Imaging Equipment

Today many hospitals and clinics use variety of imaging equipment like cameras, digital x-ray machines, ultra sonography, endoscopy and various scopy instruments. If these images can be automatically uploaded into Q-Afya HMS, then doctors can see the images wherever they are and enhances EMR records of patients. Q-Afya has implemented this solution for both Dicom and non-Dicom based systems.


Many hospitals use PACS when they procure advanced radiology imaging systems like CT, MRI, etc. Q-Afya HMS provides following interfaces with PACS systems. These interfaces are provided using HL7 and the PACS should support standard HL7 messages, which most of the standard PACS systems do.

Accounting and ERP Systems

Q-Afya HMS has inbuilt online accounting module to produce real time ledger, GL P&L, TB reports at any point in time. The system is build in such a way that it allows both online and offline allocation of amounts. It also has a payroll module that genenrates payslips as per KRA rules.

Other Specialty Healthcare Systems

There are many specialty healthcare systems that hospitals and clinics may want to interface with Q-Afya HMS. Q-Afya is open to provide such interface using HL7 interface standards.

Bar Code scanners

Q-Afya HMS has implemented the option of bar code printing as well as usage of bar code scanners for quicker data entry.

Digital Signature capturing systems

Hospitals and clinics take signatures of patients on papers like consent forms, etc. This adds to the paper load of hospitals. Q-Afya has implemented digital capture of patient signatures and implemented in some hospitals. Here, the patients see the consent forms on the computer monitors and sign their acceptance on digital signature machines (as they do in many retail shops for credit card signatures). Q-Afya HMS stores the digital signature, date, time and IP address of machine from where digital signature is taken along with the consent form. The print of the signed form can be taken and given to patient.