Hospital Management Information System

In Patient Flow

  • Operations or surgery scheduling
  • Registration from scheduling, direct In-Patient registration, and Conversion of OP to IP
  • Handling Insurance Patients
  • Billing and Collection (patient category based rate plans, multiple rate plans for corporate, insurance and government schemes, deposit collection and realization, discounts based on authorization of various people )
  • Patient Payments collection using different payment modes (including bank transfers, etc)
  • Allocating Beds – Transfer – Shifting (Rules based auto calculation of bed charges during Shifting)
  • Facility of bed allocation to relatives of patients
  • Bed Maintenance
  • Doctor visit activities, diet prescription, treatment sheet
  • Doctor Standing Instructions for Medicine, Investigation, Diet Prescription/ Vitals capturing.
  • Clinical Data Capturing using Hospital Specific Forms
  • Nurses Activity tracking (Nurse Notes, Doctor Instruction Follow-up, medication charts, vitals, intake-output)
  • Automatic issue of medicines by pharmacy based on doctor’s prescription
  • Comprehensive Discharge summary with various templates. Automatic entry of doctor visits, tests and medicines provided into discharge summary (Supports - Discharge Types, Discharge Summary Status)
  • Patient Settlement / Insurance Claim
  • Discharge upon Prior Approval From Billing